Bespoke Design

Laurence offers a bespoke design service to create a unique piece for you.

If you want a heirloom piece that tells your life story or an engagement ring that transcends the love of your life, this service is for you.

You can be fully part of the design process or simply request a modification of a piece from the collection to meet your desires.

How it works

The first step is scheduling an in-person or virtual consultation.

Laurence will be defining your design ideas and offer guidance in both the inspiration and budgetary implications. During this iteration we can focus on the personal story behind the new piece and other jewelry items you love.

After the consultation you will receive a moodboard and first sketch to assess if the design is going in the right direction, after which a final 3D model and visualization will be made.

In this stage we still can adjust every detail of the design by trying on a prototype to give you the closest idea possible for the final result. This includes size, shape and overall proportion according to your desire.

Service and Completion

Ensuring throughout the process from design to completion that these unique pieces meet your vision, we also offer to recycle your old jewelry and repurpose these for the new piece.

The full process from iteration to completion usually takes between 4 and 8 weeks. The entire production takes place in Antwerp, where Laurence works together with a select team of the best craftsmen available, ensuring a sustainable, ethically produced piece of the highest standard.

To request a consultation, please fill out the form below or contact us directly.

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